Promoting Cleanliness Online – How to Ensure Trust in Your Hotel’s Safety and Cleanliness – By Laura Badiu

Cleanliness, safety, hygiene – these are, without a doubt, today’s buzzwords. While staying in the comfort of our homes means that we get to make our own rules and take all the safety precautions necessary, when it comes to travel, concerns are bound to arise. The need for control is deeply embedded in human nature – in order to feel safe, especially during these uncertain times, we want to be on top of the situation and create a safe environment for ourselves and those close to us. We want to have things planned, confirmed – and with a trusted guarantee that all is well.

Plotting the Comeback for Hotels in a COVID-19 Environment – July 2, 2020 Update – By Dan Skodol

For the past nine weeks since our original blog post, we’ve continued to track hotel selling rates, planned opening dates, occupancy, and usage of out-of-order rooms among our client hotels. It’s been interesting to monitor the extent to which hotel reopenings have stayed on track with initial plans and how demand has responded to the reopenings. The interactive tool we provide here illustrates how the four key metrics we’ve tracked have changed week-by-week from May 5th to June 30th.