U.S. Market Recovery Monitor – 17 April 2021 – STR

As expected, due to the end of the spring break leisure season, U.S. industry recovery came to a pause during the week ending 17 April as demand fell 4% week over week. The good news, room demand remained above 21 million for a fifth consecutive week. Occupancy for the week was 57.3% using STR’s standard methodology and 54.4% on a total-room-inventory (TRI) basis—the latter accounts for temporarily closed hotels.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – The Daily Revenue Audit – The Must Do's – By David Lund

The hotel business is a retail business and in order to stay on top of your business, you must fully and completely balance your daily revenues and settlements. This means dotting the eyes and crossing the Ts, examine them. Every day we begin anew and every day is a story unto itself when it comes to the revenues and settlements. I may sound like I’m repeating 'revenues and settlements,' but it cannot be emphasized enough.

What Your Hotel Guests Are Saying About Breakfast – By Lize De Kock

Many travelers are currently indicating a dissatisfaction with the hotel breakfast experience on offer during their travels. There is a sense of expectations not being met with the food menu and service as they start their day. This is a standard guest perception, across the board in all markets that are currently open for hotel stays.