U.S. November Unemployment Rate Edges Down to 6.7%

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 245,000 in November, and the unemployment rate edged down to 6.7 percent. These improvements reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed due to COVID-19, though the pace of improvement has moderated in recent months.

November Economic Leading Analytic Up for a Seventh Month in a Row

e-forecasting.com's economic leading analytic rose 1.3 percent in November, following an increase of 1.7 percent in October. Six of the seven forward-looking predictive analytics, which make up the economic Leading Analytic, eLA™, had a positive contribution to the overall predictive intelligence business tool.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – A Bit About ‘You Sally’ – By David Lund

By someone’s estimate there are roughly one million hotels in the world. I take it that number includes all the different kinds of hotels from small inns and hostels all the way up to your full-service multi-outlet mega hotel operations. For simple math I am going to estimate that half of this number of hotels fall into the small inns and hostels, and that leaves 500,000 of what I’m going to call real hotels. Of those 500,000 I am willing to bet that 50 percent do not know about or use 'You Sally.”'