Consumers' New Expectations for Hospitality Cleaning – By David Forssell

Consumers’ new expectations for hospitality cleaning are evolving rapidly. As recently as 18 months ago, catching a glimpse of housekeepers or cleaning staff during a hotel stay or dinner out was considered by many to be an inconvenience or eyesore. That was then. This is now. Hospitality patrons are paying attention to the cleanliness of the establishments they dare to enter.

Report: 2022 Negotiated U.S. Hotel Rates Could Rise 15 Percent – Business Travel News

Much like the 2021 hotel request – for – proposals cycle, this year's negotiation season differs greatly from pre – pandemic ones. Many hotel companies have offered to roll over 2020 rates for a second year, and some buyers – though seemingly not as many as last year – are taking them up on it, with 2021 volume only nominally higher than 2020, and recovery still nascent.