How Today’s Hotel Ownership Model Clashes with the Need for Green Energy Investments – By Jason Price, EVP, HEBS Digital

The hotel industry was an early adopter in embracing energy conservation and other earth friendly practices. However, sizable capital investments like HVAC upgrades, energy generation, or smart materials in renovations exceeds the short-term revenue models for today’s hotel investor. As of now, what a hotel can do has been done – switch to LED light bulbs, key entry-driven lighting, and reduced turnover of towels and linens. Although these efforts generate cost savings and matter to the environment, the investments are limited compared to what is being committed in residential and in new construction particularly in office buildings.

Creative Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles Emerging for Hospitality – By Glenn Hasek

With all the attention given to plastic straws, stirrer sticks and cutlery over the past year, not enough attention has been given to plastic water bottle alternatives. Green Lodging News has reported on water filtration systems and glass bottle delivery of that water within the hotel. That approach is a great idea but can make only a tiny dent in the overall plastic bottle waste problem.

JW Marriott to Launch New Apparel Collection and Garment Recycling Program

JW Marriott’s garment recycling program, which takes place through May 31, 2019, will be available across 26 JW Marriott hotels based in the U.S. Through this sustainable program, hotels will collect the retired uniforms in the boxes used to ship the new garments, each capable of holding 25-30 pounds of textiles. Once received by Cintas, the uniform provider will work with Leigh Fibers, Inc. to shred garments and repurpose the remaining fibers for future use.

Florida’s AD1 Global Chooses Subscription Model to Pay for Capital Investments – By Glenn Hasek

Hotel developers who choose to acquire equipment and technologies to help them conserve energy and water often choose to purchase those outright. For large companies with deep pockets that may work best. For others, however, having to purchase hundreds of PTACs, all-new lighting, or roofing can be a financial burden and even an impediment to investing in another hotel property.