The United States Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Employees in the Young and Abercrombie Cases

Two recent holdings by the U.S. Supreme Court have been hailed as ‘victories’ for employees seeking personal accommodations under civil rights law. However, a new analysis from the Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations (CIHLER) finds little real change – along with considerable confusion – regarding the Court’s actual holding.

The Effect of Hospitality Boycotts and Protests – Do They Bring Change? – By John Hendrie

In the past several weeks we have seen some activity against some of the bastions of the Hospitality Industry – a high end hotel portfolio – the Dorchester Collection and fast food operators – primarily McDonald’s. Regular news outlets and social media have had a field day, covering the activities. There are some differences, though, with the premise of each; one is in reaction to a new criminal code in a foreign land and the other is economic with a global reach.