How Upscale Hotels Are ‘Mixing It Up’ by Offering a New Kind of Room Service With In-Room Beverages – By Adam Hoydysh, Vice President of Hotel Sales at Plum

At the Skift Global Forum in September, hospitality leaders from around the globe found themselves asking the question: How can upscale hotels redefine luxury and rise to the expectations of elite guests? After all, as the industry becomes increasingly more saturated and competitive, hoteliers will have to find new ways to interject ‘luxury’ touches, both big and small, across guest touch-points.

The Virtualization of an Amenity: A New Way To Delight Your Guests – By Adam Hoydysh, Vice President of Hotel Sales at Plum

What was once the industry standard has, in many cases, been replaced by tech-enabled enhancements that provide instant gratification, simplified touch-points, and personalization. Consumers are used to ATMs at the bank instead of tellers, checking in for airplane flights online, and they are now looking for that same efficiency when they arrive at a hotel. No one wants to wait in line for the front desk anymore.