Hotel Lawyer on PPP2 and the COVID Relief Bill’s Changes to Paycheck Protection Program – By Jim Butler

We have a new PPP Loan authorization bill out of Washington, after months of political wrangling. Congress could have done more, but they did provide for up to $2,000,000 in additional forgivable loans per borrower, along with provisions which specifically cater to the hospitality industry. As Jay Thompson and other members of our Corporate team write below, Congress has made obtaining a PPP loan and getting forgiveness for that loan easier.

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations: Can/should Hotels Require Employees to Take the Shots? What Are the Legal and Business Considerations? – By Jim Butler

My partner Travis Gemoets regularly advises the hospitality industry on a wide range of labor and employment legal issues. He has decades of expertise negotiating with labor unions, guiding businesses on closings, reopenings, and dealing with regulatory issues, and defending class actions. Below is his latest update on the important issue of mandatory vaccination.

Hotel Lawyer: Franchise & Management Disputes in a Covid Crucible – By Jim Butler

If you are reading this, you are almost certainly in the hospitality industry, and you are most likely in a financial and emotional distress. During trying times, hotel owners rely more than ever on their brands and managers – the professionals that owners engage to protect the multi-million dollar investments that they have made in building, maintaining and upgrading properties.

Hotel Lawyer: Labor & Employment Update: COVID-19: Advice for California Employers – By Jim Butler

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to impact California businesses, many employers are wondering how best to ensure the wellbeing of their staff. Marta Fernandez, hotel lawyer and partner in JMBM’s Labor & Employment department, discusses some of the key issues raised by employers and provides recommendations for complying with new mandates.

United Airlines Further Reduces Domestic and International Schedules

Due to a continued drop in travel demand as a result of this outbreak and government mandates or restrictions in place prohibiting travel, the airline today announced a 60 percent schedule reduction in April – this includes a 42 percent reduction across the U.S. and Canada and an 85 percent decrease in international flights.