Short-term Rentals Have Become Inexorable – PhocusWire

When Brian Chesky predicted a permanent shift in travel, I don’t think anybody truly took him seriously. Sure, Airbnb was in a hole and he had to talk his own book, but just as many of us didn’t quite realize, 18 months on, that COVID's specter would still be haunting us, none of us quite realized the Belle Époque of hospitality might never come back.

Airbnb Revives Hotel Strategy, Moves Closer to Rival OTA Model – PhocusWire

Airbnb is testing a new API-powered display that gives channel managers and distribution platforms the ability load multiple rates plans for Airbnb properties – creating flexibility for both travelers and hosts and potentially making the platform more attractive to traditional hotels – and more directly in competition with online travel agencies such as

Where Will Airbnb Be in 5 Years? – Motley Fool

It's difficult to predict where a disruptive company like Airbnb will be in five years and it's a folly to try to forecast its numbers, especially as the company still faces uncertainty coming out of the pandemic. However, two significant trends should shape Airbnb's business over the next five years.