The Challenges Faced by CFOs: How to Clearly Communicate When the Future Is Not Clear – By Anja Luthje

How can you forecast for meetings, business conferences, weddings and special holiday gatherings like those that take place at Christmas when you have no solid idea what restrictions the future holds? How can you accurately build your budget assumptions if you are not sure when regular business and leisure travel will resume to drive up occupancy rates?

How Technology Has Fed Our ‘Last Minute’ Culture – By Sara Padrosa, Country Manager – Spain, SiteMinder

Since the mass adoption of the internet, technology has played a central role in shaping how almost every element of travel is experienced. From smartphones to electronic payments, blogs, social media, chatbots, A.I., ordering and review apps, and even smart luggage, technology has increased the ease and speed at which a holiday can be pulled together, and has been a lead driver in the growth of our industry.

Now, More Than Ever, Get Your Reservations Team On A QUEST For More Transient Bookings – By Doug Kennedy

I threw out all my preconceptions, locked myself in my office for a few days, and spent time listening to call recordings of real conversations captured through various call recording tools. As I analyzed dozens of calls from all types of lodging operations it occurred to me that QUEST would be the perfect name for the following reasons.

How Turning to Benchmarking Can Stave Off Financial Ruin

When the winds of crisis whip, and a hotel’s cash begins flying away, it’s easy to panic. During a crisis, it might feel like the whole market has been pulled out from under you. However, there is hope even in the worst financial crisis. With hotel benchmarking, it’s possible to fight off financial ruin, even in the middle or during the aftermath of financial turmoil. Wondering how?

The Growing Divide Between Urban Areas and Regional Towns – By Mike Ford, Founder and Managing Director at SiteMinder

It's been five months since COVID-19 became a reality for most of us. In that time, we've seen hotel bookings in the World Hotel Index drop to below 9% YoY globally, and then show an encouraging and sustained recovery to surpass 54% YoY in July. At a global level, booking levels have plateaued since, but not in every part of the world. While a lot remains unknown, what is clear is that the new behaviours and preferences of today's traveller are likely to linger for a while yet, if not become permanent changes for some.

The Most Important Hotel ‘Salesperson’ Right Now Is Working Behind Your Front Desk – By Doug Kennedy

As my frequent readers know, I have long advocated for hoteliers to view the front desk as a revenue- generating position, not an operational expense. In previous posts I have provided training tips for upselling at registration, converting “property-direct” voice inquiries, converting those who booked via third parties to booking directly next time, and perhaps most importantly, sourcing leads that can be passed along for follow-up by the hotel sales team.