Accor Releases 'Hospitality Ahead' Report with Insights Into the Transformations Impacting the Industry

What are travelers' new expectations? How to find the right balance between digital and human in the guest experience? How are loyalty programs transforming to better serve and engage clients? What does it take today to attract, engage, and retain talent? How can we become sustainably local? Accor takes a closer look at the transformations impacting key aspects of our industry.

Building a Team to Lead in a Crisis: Four Key Steps

Prepared Leaders (those who have worked to ready themselves and their organizations to withstand crises) should be open to all input and perspectives that can help create a solution and improve outcomes, wherever that input and those perspectives surface within the organizational hierarchy.

The 33 Definitive Hospitality Industry Statistics You Need to Know For 2023 – By Brett Thoreson, CEO & Co-Founder of CartStack & RezRecover

As 2022 comes to a close and we gather with industry experts, peers, and colleagues to prepare for the year ahead, we find ourselves looking upon a terrain that is no longer desolate but thriving. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of what I expect to be the most important hospitality industry statistics and trends, leading us into this next chapter.