Analyzing Hospitality Shortages & Textile Manufacturing Challenges – By Hal Kanefsky, President, Monarch Brands

If you don’t know yet, the hospitality textile market in Q1 and Q2 of 2021 has seen its fair share of challenges. There is a good chance the hotel you stay in this Summer will have towels and sheets that look a bit old. The reason is that the property (and industry) will be short on replacements as textile manufacturing challenges continue to grow. In my years as a CEO distributing both hospitality and retail textiles, I’ve never seen so many factors come into play, putting an entire industry into chaos.

The Spirit of Hospitality Flows Like Currency – Your Heart Is The Power Bank – By Doug Kennedy

Have you ever walked in to work at a hotel or hospitality company and immediately recognized that someone, somewhere has determined that today is going to be 'one of THOSE days'? It’s almost like someone posted a sign at the staff entrance to make it official. When you greet your first co-worker, they mysteriously transfer the bad vibe over to you. Before you know it, you too are sending the same negative vibe on to others.

Are Your Guests 'Apped Out?' Only Welcoming Words Such As These, Spoken By Humans, Convey Authentic Hospitality – By Doug Kennedy

As a writer in the hospitality space, I am often approached by new companies with emerging technology who are looking for PR. Despite that my articles are almost always related to training tips for human engagement such as sales and hospitality skills, they somehow think that my help promoting whatever new gimmick they have come up with is key to promoting their services. Recently I was approached by yet another company about an exciting 'new' innovation they had invented.

Every Voice Matters: Shaping a Better Travel Ecosystem – By Zuhairah Washington

While the past year has been a tumultuous ride, the good news is that as we head into spring, the light is blinking brightly at the end of the tunnel for the most of US and Asia Pacific markets and we’re on track to come out of this experience all the wiser. But before we rush to snap back to business as usual, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned about our industry, and ourselves, during this difficult time.