How To Set Hotel Sales Team Goals and KPIs In A Time Of Unpredictable Demand – By Doug Kennedy

For approximately 10 years leading up to the recent pandemic era, budgets were increased each year, divvied up, and turned into individual sales goals that were then tied to bonuses. With the seemingly endless string of years of an up market, sales bonuses became an expected part of the compensation. Were these sales bonuses truly justified based on performance? Or were they achieved mostly due to good fortune?

Where Are All These Guests Who Supposedly Prefer Humanless Hotel Experiences? – By Doug Kennedy

For probably a decade now, I have almost daily been reading articles and blog posts about how today’s hotel guests prefer to interact with technology rather than humans. Of course, it is not by coincidence that most of these are authored by executives who are peddling the latest “essential” guest technology. Often these articles and blogs are accompanied by survey results to supposedly support the theme. Yet when I look for details on sample size and methodology, I usually find there is no mention of these, or I find that the survey was conducted “online” with a very small, self-selected sample size.

2021 is Halfway Complete. How Far Has the Hotel Industry Made It Back? – By David Eisen

Gauging the global hotel industry’s recovery is a lot like poker: you play the hand you’re dealt as best you can and you never know what the next one will bring. Just when we thought we might be out of the woods, an uptick in new cases, the Delta variant and fervent discussion over the vaccinated and unvaccinated have conspired, resulting in the return of masks in some jurisdictions and worry around the globe that this pandemic has still a ways to go.

HSMAI Perspective – Helping Students Help You – By Robert A. Gilbert

A few months ago, I offered a cautionary outlook for the hospitality talent pipeline as the industry moves through recovery, noting that “hotel companies may not be sufficiently staffed with sales, marketing, and revenue professionals at the property and above-property levels to meet the return – now or in the years ahead.” That was based on insights we collected during a series of academic forums for hospitality deans, directors, and faculty that the HSMAI Foundation hosted this past spring.