Lead with Empathy, then Let Curiosity Take Over – By Sloan Dean, CEO & President, Remington Hotels

Something I learned early in my career is that humans can handle bad news, they just can’t handle surprises. When it was apparent to my leadership team and me on the March 2, 2020 that we were heading into World War III for Travel, I insisted on having weekly webcasts with the entire company by mid-March. That one communication decision became the most fundamental thing that the Remington leadership did for the past year.

Is This the Lean Hotel of the Future? – By David Eisen

Any business worth its salt is conscientious of money coming in and money going out. The problem is that when things are going good – the operating environment prior to COVID striking – hoteliers tend to become a tad lax, especially on expenses. Sure, they want to keep food costs down; they want to curb operating expenses; they want to manage labor effectively. That doesn’t mean it always turns out that way: a recurrent examination of operations and audit of vendors, suppliers, lenders and other accounts.

Stay or Leave? Internship Stress and Coping Strategies in the Hotel Industry – By Shan Shan Chien

The hospitality industry has been regarded as the most challenging and stressful working environment compared to any other industry sector. As a former waitress in the banquet hall of a five-star hotel and a Michelin starred restaurant, I deeply understand the required components of multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment, while maintaining service quality simultaneously.

Expert Advice for Hospitality in 2021 – Where Do We Stand, Where Do We Go? – By Laura Badiu

The truth is, the situation across the world is still far from ideal and recovery is taking longer than any of us anticipated. Last year we focused on simply surviving, but this year we can shift our efforts towards recovering and rebuilding from the ground up. The journey ahead is still long and uncertain but it is through shared knowledge and collaboration that we can support each other and recover in a healthy, consistent way.

Farewell to 2020: A Look Back at the Challenges, Opportunities Presented by a Pandemic

The final HFTP Europe Hangout of the year made a few requests of its participants: wear some fun holiday garb, bring your sense of humor, tell a few stories about how 2020 put everyone through the ringer – and, on a lighter note, share what we hope for in 2021. It was a valuable reminder that we all must continue on with optimism and determination until we can finally emerge and prosper on the other side.

Diversity in Hospitality – By David Lund

I have been thinking about this topic for some time. Especially now in 2020 with the social unrest in this country and elsewhere in our world I think it’s time to speak up. For me, that means offering what I think is a path to an improvement in the way we look at and see each other. It comes from my experience in hotels, from the culture I grew up in, inside the hotel world, and at home.

The Spirit of Hospitality Is Nurtured By Gratitude- By Doug Kennedy

When I read posts and view memes on social media, it seems that most of us cannot wait to put this year behind us. Indeed, it has been a tough one for all, especially those of us who work in the hospitality and tourism industry. Yet when I sit at my desk writing my last training article of this crazy year, thinking of all the ups and downs I have gone through, I find myself being grateful for 2020, because 2020 taught me how to be even more grateful. This year has made me realize that it is gratitude, more than anything, that nurtures the spirit of hospitality within us all.