The Spirit of Hospitality Is Nurtured By Gratitude- By Doug Kennedy

When I read posts and view memes on social media, it seems that most of us cannot wait to put this year behind us. Indeed, it has been a tough one for all, especially those of us who work in the hospitality and tourism industry. Yet when I sit at my desk writing my last training article of this crazy year, thinking of all the ups and downs I have gone through, I find myself being grateful for 2020, because 2020 taught me how to be even more grateful. This year has made me realize that it is gratitude, more than anything, that nurtures the spirit of hospitality within us all.

How to Be an Inclusive Leader

As part of the Leading Diversity@Wharton speaker series, Dean Erika James and AT&T Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Corey Anthony spoke with Wharton’s Stephanie Creary about inclusive leadership in times of crisis.

How to Prepare a Successful 2021 Hotel Digital Strategy & Marketing Budget Amidst COVID-19 – By Margaret Mastrogiacomo

Budgeting season is a time to analyze your hotel’s marketing and technology initiatives from the last year and set a new plan in action to achieve greater success. Today, many sources project that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the hospitality industry for years to come, which makes budget planning for 2021 even more complex. In light of this, it’s important to have an idea of where the industry is heading and keep forecasted trends for 2021 top of mind when determining how to allocate your marketing dollars.

The Challenges Faced by CFOs: How to Clearly Communicate When the Future Is Not Clear – By Anja Luthje

How can you forecast for meetings, business conferences, weddings and special holiday gatherings like those that take place at Christmas when you have no solid idea what restrictions the future holds? How can you accurately build your budget assumptions if you are not sure when regular business and leisure travel will resume to drive up occupancy rates?

How Technology Has Fed Our ‘Last Minute’ Culture – By Sara Padrosa, Country Manager – Spain, SiteMinder

Since the mass adoption of the internet, technology has played a central role in shaping how almost every element of travel is experienced. From smartphones to electronic payments, blogs, social media, chatbots, A.I., ordering and review apps, and even smart luggage, technology has increased the ease and speed at which a holiday can be pulled together, and has been a lead driver in the growth of our industry.

Now, More Than Ever, Get Your Reservations Team On A QUEST For More Transient Bookings – By Doug Kennedy

I threw out all my preconceptions, locked myself in my office for a few days, and spent time listening to call recordings of real conversations captured through various call recording tools. As I analyzed dozens of calls from all types of lodging operations it occurred to me that QUEST would be the perfect name for the following reasons.

How Turning to Benchmarking Can Stave Off Financial Ruin

When the winds of crisis whip, and a hotel’s cash begins flying away, it’s easy to panic. During a crisis, it might feel like the whole market has been pulled out from under you. However, there is hope even in the worst financial crisis. With hotel benchmarking, it’s possible to fight off financial ruin, even in the middle or during the aftermath of financial turmoil. Wondering how?