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It’s been an interesting year putting together a content library via this blog so you can catch up on the latest hospitality trends, tips to grow your business, hospitality distribution, and revenue management guides, and digital marketing advice.

10 Ways to Identify Link Building Opportunities For Hotels – By Phil Foriska

There are tons of methods out there for identifying link building opportunities, but I wanted to highlight some for those who are new to link building. Most old school SEOs will know about these methods or use similar tactics to find the same info, but this list may be useful to businesspeople and hoteliers looking to try their hand at hotel marketing and who want to take the next step with their skills. Below you’ll find a variety of tools and tactics that will help you find out where your brand or niche is being mentioned.

Government Kept to Sidelines As Google Got Big. Now It Has Chance to Rein Company Back In. – The Seattle Times

Tap any flight request into Google search and the site will show flight options and prices direct from the tech giant at the top of the page. The results are highlighted in a box in a premium position, and don’t require users to navigate to another site. The only way a rival shows up above Google’s results in many such searches is if they pay for an ad.