Hotel Marketers Must Look Beyond Google to Get Found in Search – The Drum

In the search marketing industry, we spend most of our time talking about Google due to its scale and level of business impact, but this creates an unhealthy perception that it’s the only search engine that matters. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Search engines are everywhere and, depending on the nature of your business and target audiences, you may need a strategy for at least several of them.

Transcreation Makes for Better Hospitality

Ni hao? Namasté! Mingalabar! Kamusta! Hola! Ciao! Hospitality is everything about making someone feel welcome and nothing does that better than greeting them in their own language. Not only does it immediately put one at ease, it goes beyond the whistles and bells of gorgeous interior decor and fancy fittings. It is the very fundamental spirit and soul of what hospitality is all about. An audacious claim?