Quick Wins to Convert Black Friday Bookings on Your Hotel's Website – By Luke Markesky

Many travelers wait specifically for Black Friday to book their travel for the year, and most hotels cannot afford to miss out on this huge share of the business. Of course, creating an enticing sale offer is the first step to beating the competition and guaranteeing conversions. From discounted rates to special inclusions, there are many ways that hoteliers can tempt potential guests and encourage them to book a stay.

Choosing a CMS for Your Hotel Website – By Alyssa Fate

One benefit to being an independent hotel is the freedom to choose – in this case, the freedom to choose a content management system for your hotel website. With more than a handful of content management systems to pick from, making the right choice can be intimidating. We’ve highlighted what to consider when choosing a CMS for your hotel website.

Google Says Holiday Travel Will Look Different This Year – Google

With the holiday season fast approaching, travelers are making choices we haven’t seen before. But that’s no cause for despair. While new COVID-19 variants inevitably affect consumer priorities, understanding how today’s travelers navigate the new normal can help you position your brand for success this holiday season. Here are the travel insights you need to know.