Google Eliminates Fees for Hotel Booking Links – PhocusWire

Google is making a major change to the way it manages hotel booking links – adding an organic list that enables hotels, online travel agencies and other booking sites to get visibility for free, provides more extensive booking options for consumers and potentially makes Google an even more competitive player in the metasearch space.

Local Tips For Selling Products (Part 1)

The knowledge that consumers turn to mobile and online search engines to find information on potential purchases mean that brands are constantly running fresh advertising campaigns to attract consumers. Many of these countries don’t share the same primary language and local culture, requiring localisation in terms of processes, products, and marketing content. With this being said, there are many “dos and don’ts” that marketers should be aware of before starting their campaigns.

Locals Tell All: Popular Festivals Across Asia, From Vietnam to Malaysia

Travelling during festival season can be an incredibly enlightening experience for tourists. In-depth cultural norms and traditions come to the forefront when travellers get to intermingle with locals, and cultural tourism can flourish. To share more about local festivals that takes place in Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia, some of which are under the radar for tourists, we’ve asked members of our global transcreation (creative translation) and localisation team of linguists and editors to share more about festivals they love in their home countries.

The Three Steps To Build A Multilingual Website That Will Attract Direct Bookings

In our previous INSIGHTS article, we spoke about the first goal, and the need to focus on direct bookings (in addition to OTAs) to provide an all-round stellar customer experience. When potential customers are assured of updated (and well-translated) information, they’ll be more comfortable in making a purchase. In this piece, we’ll expand on the second goal by discussing how to build and manage multilingual websites for better SEO rankings and content!

Get The Most Out Of Top 5 STAAH Blogs Of 2020

It’s been an interesting year putting together a content library via this blog so you can catch up on the latest hospitality trends, tips to grow your business, hospitality distribution, and revenue management guides, and digital marketing advice.