Advertising Your Lodging Property in 2023

Competing against large hotel chains and OTAs with extensive marketing budgets can be intimidating for independent lodging businesses. To stand out online and attract travelers, you must develop creative and compelling ad campaigns and use them strategically. With demand expected to reach new heights in 2023 and travelers focusing on experiences, advertising can be a very effective way for hotels to reach their target audience and drive direct bookings.

Hotel Hospitality Stories I Learned While Training One Of The Best Banks In The World! – By Doug Kennedy

One day a few months back, the main phone line rang at our headquarters office. Can you imagine the surprise when our receptionist heard a man’s voice saying this: 'Hello, this is Doug Kennedy calling for Doug Kennedy.' At first, she thought it to be a prank, but thankfully she did not hang up on him, because it was in fact Doug Kennedy, President & CEO of Peapack-Gladstone Bank. As it turns out, Doug Kennedy had been personally spearheading an internal initiative to take his relatively small but mighty bank to even higher levels of service.