Email Ideas That Turn Lookers into Bookers – By Nicola Graham

Email is no doubt one of the most effective marketing tools for hotels to connect with past, present, and future guests. We’ve seen that even during a global pandemic, email shines through as one of the strongest, most reliable forms of communication. With recent privacy changes affecting targeted ads, the importance of email marketing is poised to increase even further. More than ever, hoteliers must maximize the use of this channel to ensure they stay consistent with their brand and share relevant, personalized information with their database.

As Demand Returns For Groups and Events, Let's Not Slip Back Into 'Order-taking' – By Doug Kennedy

Based on the conversations I’m having with clients and contacts it seems that demand for groups and events is coming quicker than expected. At most hotels, salespeople have either been recalled from furlough or from helping to cover hotel operations. As they return to their old “chairs,” this is a great time for leaders to set new goals and/or for self-motivated sales supernovas to create new habits for themselves.

Building a Great Marketing Calendar

Capturing and keeping consumers’ attention is no easy feat, especially with all the information they’re bombarded with daily. It’s crucial to remain visible by maintaining a consistent and on-going digital presence throughout the year. Building a well-thought marketing calendar will ensure you have several solid ideas rather than throwing something together at the last minute or posting just for the sake of it. In doing so, you’re sure to raise brand awareness and ultimately increase conversions.

Hotel Room Sales Strategies: To Increase Occupancy and Revenue

Before you analyze your data and see the outcomes for yourself, there is no right or wrong idea for sales. Of course, it is important to do your research, but don’t be afraid to explore and experiment. Trying out new ideas that you have never tried before can sometimes lead to unbelievable results. To get you inspired, here are 7 room sales strategies to increase your hotel’s room occupancy and revenue.