Promoting Cleanliness Online – How to Ensure Trust in Your Hotel’s Safety and Cleanliness – By Laura Badiu

Cleanliness, safety, hygiene – these are, without a doubt, today’s buzzwords. While staying in the comfort of our homes means that we get to make our own rules and take all the safety precautions necessary, when it comes to travel, concerns are bound to arise. The need for control is deeply embedded in human nature – in order to feel safe, especially during these uncertain times, we want to be on top of the situation and create a safe environment for ourselves and those close to us. We want to have things planned, confirmed – and with a trusted guarantee that all is well.

Quick Guide to Email Nurturing

To build a sustainable and profitable business in the travel & hospitality industry today, you need to be using email to nurture relationships with past and future guests. Spending time engaging with your guests and followers on social media is beneficial, making phone calls is crucial, but email is an absolute must. It’s one of the best ways to reach, nurture, and segment your audience.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 154 – What Travelers Have To Say About Hotel Recovery

This episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast takes a deep dive into the latest findings from the most comprehensive COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Data. Every 2-weeks, the fueligans ask leisure travel consumers a range of questions regarding future travel plans. Find out who is going to be traveling, when they will travel, and what types of locations they will travel to. Also, new questions look at guest expectations and show that more than 80% of travelers want to use a mobile app for check-in.

HSMAI – What the Future Holds for Sales Professionals – By Ed Skapinok

Things have changed drastically for every discipline in the hospitality industry over the past four months, including sales. As hotels are opening back up, many hospitality professionals are wondering which of these changes should be permanent – if any. HSMAI’s Sales Advisory Board (SAB) discussed this topic on a call June 11. Here are a few of SAB members’ thoughts on the biggest likely permanent changes they see.

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: Episode 153 – Why Your COVID-19 Recovery Depends On Your Hotel CRM

The United States is quickly reopening from the COVID-19 lockdowns and the pent-up demand by travelers is almost palpable. In the Myrtle Beach area alone we are seeing nearly 100% increases in daily revenue,. However, this is not a long term trend, this is a short correction of bookings due to the abbreviated booking window. Today we are going to focus on your CRM system, what it must be able to do, and the immediate-action items for making the most out of your data to drive every booking you can in during a compressed booking window.

Whitepaper – How to Optimize Your Hotel’s Transactional Communication During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, hotels are reopening, and people are beginning to travel again. However, given the nature of the pandemic, the traveler mindset has evolved and hotels are adjusting to a new normal involving extra hygiene and distance-related regulations. In this time of uncertainty, it is essential for hotels to make guests feel comfortable from the moment they book a stay.