OTA Insight and PredictHQ Partner for Smarter Demand Forecasting As Hoteliers Prepare for Rebound

The partnership has expanded OTA Insight’s sources of intelligent event data, allowing hoteliers using either Market Insight, Rate Insight and Revenue Insight to take advantage of a broader range of more accurate event insights, incorporating more geographical regions. This will enable hoteliers to better predict traveller demand as the world recovers towards a new normal.

ForwardKeys – How to Forecast Travel During and After COVID-19? 

In the current travel landscape, tourism professionals recognise that the situation can change from one day to another as governments change who can travel in and out of a country. This results in the issue of being unable to forecast because, with no historical trends, no forecasting model can truly make accurate predictions. So, how can you get a sense of the future if none of the traditional travel forecasting models works?