The Role of Hotel Software Technology in the Post-COVID World

In the post-COVID world, people still expect human interaction in hotels, but contactless services have taken center stage. From check-ins and checkouts to payments and many other benefits, contactless technology has helped minimize interactions and reduce/eliminate physical touchpoints. Hoteliers should adopt the latest hotel software technology to reignite customer loyalty, increase bookings, and generate more revenue in the post-COVID world.

Travel in 2022 – Meeting the Demands of a New Era – By Katharina Heitmann

If the pandemic has shown us one thing, it is that travel has changed but it is everlasting. However, the way we used to travel before Covid19 is a thing of the past. Now, we’re trying to understand where we are headed, how we can meet the demands of this new era of traveling and how all the distancing, masks, entry regulations and testing affects travel behavior. Let’s look at some trends that have been discovered by the industry for 2022 and get some insights from our TrustYou experts into how your hotel can take the necessary steps to meet these travel trends

How Hotel Technology Can Help Small Hotel Businesses

While COVID-19 did the world no favors, not all the changes that came about because of the pandemic were bad. In fact, the hotel industry stands to benefit from the technology put in place to help combat the spread of the virus, as well as innovations in hotel tech that allow small businesses to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Amadeus – 3 Ways Hotels Can Serve the 'New' Business Traveler – By Ilia Kostov

Now as consumer confidence and appetite for travel steadily grows, how will the return of corporate travel grow with it? To prepare for the future, hoteliers and their sales teams must first accept the reality that today's remote work culture will change traditional business travel moving forward. Now is the time for hotels to consider new trends, adjust their approach, and refocus their efforts.

Thinking of Switching Your Hotel's PMS? The Grass Isn't Always Greener and Here's the How, When, What, Who, and Why – By Warren Dehan

Are hotels making the most out of the technology they have? This is becoming a crucial question for leaders to ask as technology takes on a greater share of daily operations. Hotel property-management systems provide a vast array of capabilities, but it’s up to the technology provider to keep operators informed of what those capabilities are.