The Best Investment Right Now? The Targeted Analysis of Guest Feedback – By Laura Badiu

With all the unexpected changes happening this year, the hospitality industry has been deeply impacted and many priorities have shifted overnight, both in the hotel operations and the traveler behavior. Different needs and expectations are surfacing every day and hoteliers find themselves in need of adjusting their investment plans in order to focus on what matters most in the context of the pandemic.

5 Ways Hotels Can Boost Their Revenue Amid The COVID Chaos

Many hotels aren’t getting the sort of business that they’re used to. This drastic change has resulted in numerous revenue challenges in the hospitality industry, but fear not, there are signs of recovery. With strong preventive measures being sanctioned, many places around the world are opening up to travel again.

Technology Trends in Travel – The Face of Hospitality Tech in 2021 – By Laura Badiu

Technology and trends are constantly evolving, and this year in particular, many tech solutions became not just popular but vital for hotel businesses all around the world. Building on the current state and needs of the travel and hospitality business, we can already predict a number of tech trends that impact the course of the industry, as well as hotel operations and the guest experience. Let’s dive deeper into the top technology trends in travel for 2021 and the reasons why they will undoubtedly rise in importance and popularity.

Discussion of Hospitality Technology Across the Atlantic – By Carl Weldon, HFTP COO Europe

Cyber HITEC featured a new virtual session this year that built a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean and brought together two regions separated by a common language. This engaging session was called the 'HFTP Europe: Technology and Tea' Hangout, and featured an interview-style discussion between me, this year’s HFTP Paragon Award-winner Ian Millar, CHTP and hospitality technology executive Barry Thomas, CHTP.