Why Your Property Management System Should Do More Than Manage Your Property – By Nicole Dehler, Vice President of Product Management StayNTouch, A Shiji Group Brand

As our industry continues to adopt next-generation, guest-centric platforms, hoteliers must frequently vet emerging technology to ensure that it meets their property’s evolving needs. While there are many systems that play a critical role in the strategic optimization of a hotel’s operational structure, the PMS represents the technological heartbeat of any property.

Case Study: AKA, the Global Leader in Luxury Hotel Residences, Provides A Personalized Resident Experience Using Maestro Multi-Property Cloud PMS

One of the main reasons AKA Collection decided to implement Maestro Multi-Property was the systems flexibility and its team’s ability to understand AKA’s requirements and meet them. AKA’s business model is a hybrid, geared towards longer stays and different than a traditional transient hotel.

The Evolution of Hotel Employee Safety Technology – By Robb Monkman, Founder and CEO of React Mobile

Great leaders operate in the present but focus on planning for the future. As technology evolves, things that were once deemed impossible are now part of everyday life and are changing the business world at lightning speed. The latest and most innovative tools from the beginning of this decade are now becoming outdated, making it challenging for organization to keep up with every technological change.

‘Linguistic-fying’ Your Bot to Chat Responsively with Multilingual Audiences

Chatbots – love them or hate them… they’re here to stay. With today’s techy-influence customers wanting fast and prompt answers, businesses have to respond fast too, or lose a potential deal to a competitor. Hoteliers, tourism and hospitality establishments are introducing online Chatbots to help increase the level of efficiency for interacting with customers. Call it your virtual messenger, customer assistant or a front desk avatar.