The 3 Most Important Google Analytics Goals for Hotel Websites – By Melissa Kavanagh

After years and years of working with hotel clients and their analytics data, it has become clear that many people don’t understand the importance of, and/or the best way of setting up conversion goals. While the ultimate goal on a hotel website is drive bookings, there is more behavioral data available in Google Analytics that can help a hotelier make better marketing decisions than looking at just that one item.

The Role of Revenue Performance in the COVID-19 Rebound – By Vivek Bhogaraju

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a tremendous amount of uncertainty to the travel industry, including the revenue performance discipline, with many accommodations resting their success – and in some cases survival – in their revenue managers’ ability to effectively anticipate market trends. While this is a challenge unlike any other, it presents the opportunity for revenue managers to demonstrate the value they provide to the broader travel industry.

How Do Travel Managers View Corporate Booking Technology?

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) yesterday released the findings from a study into how travel managers view online booking tools (OBTs). The study, made possible by Deem, examines how U.S. and Canada-based travel managers view corporate booking technology and how the pandemic has impacted business travel, including the changes to travel policies and booking channels.

Here’s Why Fast and Free Hotel WiFi is Still Critical in 2021

It’s a lucrative and commendable effort for a hotel to investigate any and all means to implement technological solutions that will help to boost the guest experience, save costs, reduce direct human contact or a mix of the three. In what we’re calling the ‘great technology reset for hotels’, the post-pandemic era will see the way hotels operate rapidly evolve from high touch and tech-phobic to widely no touch and tech-philic. But as the metaphorical blood for many of these systems and devices, your wireless internet must work.