Hotel Franchise Development Cost Guide

The purpose of this U.S. Hotel Franchise Development Cost Guide, prepared by HVS, is to provide a summary of the total development cost ranges, exclusive of land, that are applicable to various hotel franchise brands as described in their respective Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) documents.

Insider Secrets for Branding and Selling Fractional Ownership to the Elusive Affluent Buyer – By Lawrence Hefler and Susan Adams

It has been said that 'a brand is a cow's only return address'… sort of a brief commentary about trust, relationships, and options….at least, in the world of ranching and livestock. In the world of shared resort real estate, and the increasingly popular fractional ownership option, a brand is not only your home address but just may be what gets you to the customer's address. That's where the branding story begins.