TripAdvisor Takes a Lead but Most of Travel Search Is Up for Grabs – Tnooz

A new study finds that 56% of organic searches in the travel and hospitality industry are open to competition.

The Conductor Searchlight platform tracked nearly 45,000 search terms that consumers used to find products, services, and information in 2018. In aggregate, these search terms represent 12,044,660 searches by consumers.

Conductor shows TripAdvisor at the lead with 9% of organic searches but Expedia follows closely with 8% and Kayak holds 6%.

Looking at travel search by stage of the journey, TripAdvisor performs best in the early stages, with 9% of that traffic. Travel US News takes the lead at Mid Stage planning with 14% of those searches. leads late stage search, overtaking Expedia as the late performer during the first half of 2018.

By sector, has risen from fourth to first place in flight search since December 2017, taking 13% of flight-related searches. Kayak comes in second at 11% and Expedia ranks third with 9%. is at the lead in hotel search with 18%, but TripAdvisor is gaining ground. It has risen by 6% since 2017 to hold the second spot in hotel search (17% of all organic search). Expedia comes in third with 11% of search.

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