Trump Effect – Flight Searches Down from China and Canada, Up from Russia – Travel Weekly

Recent foreign policy events involving President Donald Trump have consistently impacted travel searches to the U.S., according to an analysis by the flight-search app Hopper.

While most those events have weakened search demand from the countries directly impacted by or involved in the event, Trump’s summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Monday had the opposite effect. 

Among the events Hopper examined were the June G7 conference in Canada and last week’s NATO summit in Belgium, both of which featured sharp criticism by Trump against U.S. allies. After the G7, Trump tweeted insults toward Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Hopper also looked at search data from the days coinciding with when the Trump administration policy of separating the children of migrants from their parents at the border was widely publicized. In addition, the app examined the impact of the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling in favor of the travel ban and the July 6 implementation of the Trump administration’s first tariffs against China. 

Finally, Hopper examined the travel demand from Russia to the U.S. this past weekend, with Monday’s summit between Trump and Putin in the offing.

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