Horwath Hotel Industry Report – Senegal – By Charlotte Specht (PDF Download)

Flag of Senegal on a map - Source Horwath Hotel Industry Report - Senegal
Horwath Hotel Industry Report – Senegal

As a model of democracy, Senegal has also one of the most resilient economies in West Africa. Thanks to dynamic business and leisure tourism boosted by major public infrastructure projects, the country succeeds in captivating international investor’s interest. As a consequence, writes the team from Horwath HTL Ivory Coast, Dakar’s hotel pool has further strengthened whilst secondary clusters are developing at a steady pace (mainly in Petite Côte region, Diamniadio).

For many decades, Senegal hotel offer was limited to independent units of local standards and few branded hotels in Dakar, mainly owned by the government. Today, and according to the Ministry of Tourism, the Senegalese hotel supply reaches approximately 250 units of which about 25% are concentrated in Dakar. The rest of the offer is to be found on the coastline destinations of Petite Côte. Main cities inside the country remain of poor quality standards.

Dakar Hotel Market

Dakar, the economic capital, concentrates the majority of Senegal’s wealth (Autonomous Port of Dakar) and offers important MICE activities due to multiple corporate & banks headquarters, and public institutions implanted in the district of Plateau.

During the 2010-2011 crisis in Ivory Coast, Dakar benefited from the relocation of several international companies and significant international events thus generating a need for quality international units. At the same period, the hotel market registered successive openings starting with the current two leading units:

Terrou-Bi and Radisson Blu in 2009 (extended in 2014), then the development of an economic supply including
Onomo in 2010, Ibis in 2012 and more recently Yaas in 2017. In reaction to this growing competition, the Accor group renovated two of its historical units: Novotel in 2009 and Pullman in 2016.

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