The One Thing You Need to Build Hotel Guest Loyalty

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The One Thing You Need to Build Hotel Guest Loyalty

If you are a hotelier who is looking to increase hotel guest loyalty, (hotel customer loyalty, if you will!) then read on. We are going to reveal to you the one thing that you need to master, to gain your guests' loyalty for life.

The hospitality industry has been around for several centuries now. In fact, there are evidences of guest hospitality services since early biblical times. So, we really aren’t dealing with anything modern or contemporary, here. Technology has taken the ecosystem to a whole different dimension, yes, but it still cannot do it all. Why this is relevant is because I am here to tell you that the only factor that will determine how loyal or disloyal your guests are to you is how satisfied they are with you. Everything else comes afterwards.

Guest Experience is everything

There are tons of stats to support this statement, but I won’t get into that now. But if you insist on statistical evidence, here’s all you need to know. What I am going to focus on is how we need to take a step back and reassess our approach towards “How to increase customer loyalty in the hospitality industry.” There is no way you can earn the loyalty of your guest if you aren’t providing them with an experience that will inspire them to come back to you. It is as simple as that! 

Guest loyalty is the culmination of a series of positives, which you will have to consciously work for. Ok, let me put it this way.

You need to deliver consistent, impeccable guest experience across all the touchpoints on which you interact with your guests. Be it at your property, on your website, on the telephone, on a review site, or just about anywhere, you need to put your best foot forward, at all times. This is the only way to inspire your guests to come back for the same impeccable experience. So, in effect, loyalty is a result of a great experience. And with loyalty, come the benefits of lower expenses on customer acquisition, higher revenue, etc.

A classic mistake that even the biggest of brands make is to work backwards, which is not only futile but also silly. In order to increase revenue, you cannot go around promoting hotel reward programs and hotel loyalty programs. Agreed, these are great ways to encourage guest loyalty. But that is only if the guest is satisfied with you, don’t you think? You cannot sell a loyalty program to an irate guest who left a nasty review of your hotel on TripAdvisor, can you? All your programs, rewards, etc. will only work if the guest feels good about staying at your property and that is what guest experience is all about. That is what you need to master.

So how do you increase customer loyalty in the hospitality industry?

Without investing in hotel guest experience, you simply cannot expect to reap the benefits of guest loyalty! There are just way too many choices out there for travelers to pick and choose from, but at the same time, there are also very few that have mastered the guest-first approach.

Focus on transforming your guest experience and you’ll be surprised at how closely loyalty is related to it. And here’s the best part about it all, though. Guest experience is no rocket science. Often, we tend to complicate things because we feel like simplicity just can’t be the solution. And then, the domino effect takes over, and everything spirals out of hand. Here’s the deal. Put the “human” back into the picture, and that should take care of most of your challenges.

 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Empathy never goes out of style. You already know the basics. Just ask yourself “how would I like to be treated if I were that person”. Guest data is extremely helpful in this case because you can go deeper in understanding what the guest may or may not like and intuitively offer them a great experience.

It’s ironic how the service industry which is so closely connected to the “human” has become so out of touch with that very concept. I wouldn’t blame technology because it has saved us all a lot of time and effort. It is time to put the human back into action because no technology, no robot, no machine can look a guest in the eye and ask them how their day has been so far!

Guest experience shouldn’t be a program at your hotel. Make it a part of your culture and it has to be top-down. Unless you believe that guest experience is the need of the hour for your hotel’s success, your staff can never work towards achieving it. Inspire your staff to ensure that every guest has an experience so exquisite that their loyalty is guaranteed.

How we can help you realise this goal

Start focusing on building an inimitable guest experience for your hotel. Loyalty will come by itself when you leave your guests no choice but to choose you over anyone else. Let your staff spend time building a genuine interest in guests and nurturing an association with them that goes beyond just knowing their names or their room number. Leave all the rest of it to us. We’ll automate your hotel’s operations so smoothly & efficiently, that you wish you’d found us sooner!   

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