EZee Centrix Becomes the Golden Eagle in the Hotel Industry

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EZee Centrix Becomes the Golden Eagle in the Hotel Industry

eZee Technosys have turned the matters of minutes into a matter of seconds for the hotels through split second inventory and rate updates online.

eZee Technosys- a leading name among the top notch hospitality technology providers- are bearing the fruits of their dynamic efforts by being successful in delivering a channel manager that does the updation of rates and inventory in the matter of seconds, to be precise in the span of just 7 to 10 seconds. With this, eZee Centrix has risen the bar for the rest of the channel managers in the industry.

Upon achieving this milestone, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Harshdeep Khatri said-

Technology is of no use if it does not let you get under the skin of usual disorders and wipe them out of your system; Technology is supposed to make your work flexible and smoother; it must render you to success. At eZee, we strive day and night with the aim of granting such lavish headway to the hospitality industry; for that, we put our extraordinary efforts and expertise that is religiously owned by team eZee.

By devoting their time and energy in producing the lineage of software that lets hoteliers be ahead of all the irregularities, eZee have always darted to achieve the highest degree of firmness and fineness in their solutions and services. The super fast updation speed of eZee Centrix is the result of their such foresightedness.

This achievement brings a myriad of benefits to the table for the hoteliers. Such as:

– The instant inventory and rate updates from eZee Centrix make hoteliers secure from overbookings and rate disparity troubles.

– This will simplify the online inventory distribution and rate management of the hotels to a large extent.

– The hotels’ rankings on OTAs will improve owing to the consistency maintained with the rates and inventory.

In the industry where most leading channel managers take a couple of minutes to update the status of the rates and inventory on the online platforms, eZee Centrix has proved its worth through actual real-time updates.

Upon this the Co-founder of the company, Vipul Kapoor has his own vision to share, “These days technology is adept enough to lead mankind in the same lines with the speed of time. In the era of such advancement, it becomes very essential for us to gear up our resources and lead the hotel industry ahead to witness the sights of the new future. With that mission, eZee strives to offer a set of solutions that works for the all-round development of our clients -such a prodigy of eZee Centrix is just the start of the chronical.

eZee have ascended the standards of the industry by offering the most reliable connectivity with the globally leading OTAs to its users. Adding further to it, Booking.com affirms that eZee is one of the most stable channel managers with 93% quality ratio.

Furthermore, the company’s distribution extranet has given the hoteliers an upper hand through accurate and helpful business insights with commendable features. eZee is also Agoda’s Innovative Supplier Partner, and stands in the top 10 among Expedia’s Elite Partners.

With an aggressive R&D team, a dynamic marketing and sales team and a support team that stand at the beck and call of their clients, eZee Technosys forms a body that just knows to put their best foot forward. With such devotion, the industry can clearly see their firm intentions of aiding hotel industry at every foot and length coming to reality.

About eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys is a global hospitality technology provider. They offer on-premise as well as cloud based solutions that includes hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, reputation management, guest feedback and hotel mobile apps. Founded in 2005, eZee have been adept in developing cutting edge solutions from last 12 years serving more than 10,000 clients in more than 160 countries across the globe. Visit eZee’s corporate website for more.