Webinar: How Tech and Data Can Give Your Brand Back Its Soul

Person holding red jigsaw puzzle - Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash
How Tech and Data Can Give your Brand Back its Soul

Exclusive webinar with TUI, Expedia and Loco2

It’s exhausting that no-one seems loyal to travel brands anymore, and brand recognition is becoming more scarce every day.

We have exclusive insight from Expedia, TUI and Loco2 who will be in the hot seat at an EyeforTravel webinar on How Tech and Data can give your Brand back its Soul

What the webinar will address:

  • What Matrix do we collect to monitor how a brand is doing?
  • Data lakes? Know what’s available vs. useful to win back loyalty
  • What values will keep customers engaged with your brand?
  • Utilise technology to reawaken your brand and secure market share
  • Speakers:

    • Anselmo Rodrigues Da Silva, Director of Data Technology, Expedia
    • Dr. Abhiram Gandhe, Principal Architect – Data, Analytics & BI, TUI
    • Dave Ashton, CEO, Loco2