Blockchain Too ‘Immature’ for Travel – Travel Weekly

Blockchain technology is “immature” and “not a silver bullet” for the travel sector.

That is the view of Alexandra Limerick, head of international solutions at virtual travel payments group Wex.

Limerick told the Travolution European Summit in London: “We are looking at how to use blockchain to enhance what we do.”

But she said: “We already do millions of [payment] reconciliations a day. That already exists. Blockchain is immature. We have a long way to go [with it].”

She added: “There is also the regulation piece. Blockchain could become an underlying platform. But it is not a silver bullet.”

Khalid Ladha, strategic alliances director at BlockX Labs, a Toronto-based product-development lab, told the summit: “If you’re talking about a public blockchain like Ethereum, it is not ready, it is nowhere near the scale [required by the travel industry].” 

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