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When the Baedeker Travel Guide launched in 1827 it gave tourists the opportunity to access information on touring the world, closely followed by Thomas Cook and his package holidays. Since then the tourism sector has constantly evolved, reacting to consumer trends. What will holidays look like in 2050? Here are some expert opinions.

John Askew, solutions architect, Dept

Without wanting to sound too Philip K Dick, the advancements in virtual reality really could open up the holiday market in ways only usually approached in dystopian sci-fi films.

As the technology matures and takes over more senses (particularly touch), it will inevitably provide the opportunity to take a holiday to imaginary places and do otherwise impossible things. If we can share such an experience with other participants and remove the need to disconnect for feeding or sleeping, then perhaps we could be present for longer periods and be truly immersed.

There are infinite possibilities; we could spend a weekend in the Mesozoic era on a Dinosaur safari, or a week sailing with the Spanish Armada, or even relive a childhood trip with loved ones we’ve lost. Maybe holidays won’t be about the destination at all, but about who we are. Anyone fancy a week on Elton John’s yacht as David Beckham?

Tamara Gillan, chief exec, Cherry London

The future of travel will be virtual; necessary to save our planet and to recapture places and environments lost. By 2050 holidays for the majority will be discovering and experiencing the multi-sensory wonders of our world from the comfort and environmentally-friendly position of our sofa.

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