Slash Your Hotel PMS Cost in 2019 and Enjoy the Benefits of Hotel Automation

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Slash Your Hotel PMS Cost in 2019 and Enjoy the Benefits of Hotel Automation

The holiday season is upon us. And it goes unsaid that you, as a hotelier, must be getting ready to attract more guests and make the most of the peak season. As a trusted cloud-based Property Management System provider, we understand how stressful peak seasons can be for hoteliers and we definitely have invested a lot of thought in how we can make your life easier.

Just to prove that we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk, we have some amazing news for you!

But, before we get to the best part, let’s take a quick look at how Hotelogix has earned the trust of thousands of hoteliers in over a hundred countries and has made their lives easier.

Higher degree of automation

Simplify reservations, offer faster check-in and checkout, manage housekeeping and automate end-to-end operations at your property. This helps you save a significant number of man-hours (up to 60%), so that you can offer the much-needed ‘human touch’ to your guests to enhance their stay experience and to win over their loyalty.

More online booking, more revenue

We not only help you streamline your operations, but also help you get more booking. Get more direct booking with an integrated web booking engine and save on commission charges. Moreover, we will also help you strike the right balance between your OTA & Direct Booking strategy. Leverage the power of a channel manager through our cloud PMS, work with OTAs, increase your online visibility and get more booking via OTAs.

Assured ROI

What is the point in adopting a PMS that doesn’t help you grow your hotel business? Hotelogix can help you witness up to 20% increase in your revenue and around 300% increase in guest reviews, when leveraged to its maximum extent.

Mobile-enable your staff

How can we not help you ‘Go Mobile’ in this mobile-driven business environment! That’s why we are offering you our PMS on your mobile phones. Manage end-to-end hotel operations from anywhere, anytime and access critical KPIs to take informed decisions on the go. It is just like carrying the PMS in your pocket.

Happy staff, happier guests

Our PMS is acknowledged by users as one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use piece of software. With minimal training, your staff can start using the PMS and you get to see the real value that we offer you in no time at all. Moreover, your staff will be a happier lot when they get to work on a simple hotel software. And when they are happy, they become more productive and serve your guests much more enthusiasm.

By now, you’re probably tempted to migrate to a cloud-based PMS. But, you wouldn’t want to risk it by changing your PMS during the holiday season when business is in full swing, correct?

No problem, we have good news.

Hotelogix brings to you an irresistible year-end offer that you cannot refuse! This offer will help you to be technologically empowered to not just kickstart your 2019 with a bang, but also prepare for a long-term success in your hotel business.
Here’s a chance for you, dear hotelier, to catch an exclusive pre-launch glimpse of what we have to offer. Fill in the form to get a call from our business consultant who will update you on the offer.

And guess what? You can lock the offer in advance here🙂