How to Double Your Hotel’s Gift Voucher Sales?

A mobile phone and two dollar bills
How to Double Your Hotel’s Gift Voucher Sales?

Gift cards can be an effective way to increase online sales, acquire new customers and encourage return visits. Arm yourself with these tools, tips and tricks to master this relatively underutilised revenue stream.

Go Digital

The traditional way of selling gift vouchers through your front desk, spa or restaurant reception won’t get you far. It’s cumbersome and inefficient – just tired. So the first step in increasing your voucher sales is getting an automated voucher sales tool like Gift Voucher Engine.

Gift Voucher Engine will allow anyone, anywhere to instantly send a gift voucher for your business 24/7. Not to mention the tremendous efficiencies it brings with automated documentation.

Scream About It from the Rooftop

Once you have your e-shop up and running (it doesn’t take too long at all if you choose Gift Voucher Engine), get the word out.

  • Your website: It’s your main marketing tool. Leverage it to your advantage by putting your gift voucher e-shop in the main navigation. Make sure the e-shop itself is responsive, intuitively designed and with strong call-to-action buttons. Make it easy for your customer to buy.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social platforms are a great way to get your message out to a large audience and your fans. Use images to stand out on the newsfeed. Offer special discounts to your social media fans.
  • Email Marketing: Tell your existing customers about it via emails and newsletters. Be smart about how you do this. Make the message relevant, catchy and seasonal.
  • Offline: Your property is your biggest advertising banner. Tell your front desk or reception to promote your gift vouchers. Place call cards and posters to promote your online gift voucher shop.

Sell Experiences, Not Products

Truly special gifts are those experiences that help create long-lasting memories. Package your products creatively so they become hard-to-ignore experiences. Throw in extras for that perceived added value – rose petals, a welcome drink, late check-out…

Be Relevant

Offer seasonal and special occasion vouchers. Your loyal customers are among those shopping for gifts around Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer…give them what they’re looking for to avoid missing out on a sale.

Provide Promotions

Everyone wants a discount. Promotions are a great way to get in new customers while keeping your loyal fans happy.

You could offer monetary discounts (percentage or a certain amount off). Or add bonuses (eg. buy for $100 and get $25 bonus). Giveaways are always popular, particularly with loyal customers (eg. offering guests a $100 gift voucher for their next visit). You could even create a loyalty scheme around it do your guests do some amount of promotion for you to gain loyalty points.  Another popular promotion is converting your gift voucher into a deal voucher – like Grabone or Groupon. Backed with a planned marketing campaign, they’re bound to attract customers.