Get More Direct Bookings by Providing Interesting Content on Your Website

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Get More Direct Bookings by Providing Interesting Content on Your Website

Your website is your business card. It is worth to use it any time you desire to encourage your hotel guests to book rooms at your site.

The first impression

When the hotel guests visit your website, they usually browse to get the essential knowledge regarding the hotel interiors, provided facilities and prices. Nevertheless, it is always worth to make a use of their visit and encourage the potential hotel guests to book a room at your website.

As an outcome, it is a good idea to use hotel website widgets, for example “” that has completely changed the way the people book the rooms. At present, the holidaymakers look for hotels that are located close to some tourist attractions. If the hotel website is equipped with the hotel widget, it is more likely that the hotel guests will select the hotel instead of hundreds similar. The widget provides the necessary information about popular local tourist attractions that are situated just around the corner. They are sure that when they book room in your hotel they will be close enough to see the famous tourist attractions. Moreover, they may share their travel experience at social media sites to encourage their friends to travel. It is worth to underline that social media is a powerful source and it is worth to use it!

You should not also forget about the advantages of direct booking that are also essential for your hotel.

Some of them are following:

1. You do not have to pay commission – every OTA website such as charges commission. Every time you pay it, you lose your money. However, when you encourage your website visitors to book a room at your website, you may save the money for commission.

2. You may conquer the competition – it is obvious that there are a lot of hotels in your area. If you want to be special, you should be unique and the widget at your website is the perfect tool for your needs.

3. You may increase your profits when there are a lot of direct bookings.

An interesting widget

Another useful tool that should be implemented at your website is Our.Guide. The widget allows to plan your stay in details and share the itinerary online. It may be also used to encourage the website visitors to make a reservation in the given hotel during selecting interesting spots to visit.

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