Our.Guide Widget As a Way of Making More Money Promoting Tours and Activities in Your Neighbourhood

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The hotel websites do not have to resemble a leaflet from your hotel lobby. It may be a useful source of information as well as another way of benefiting from great hotel location and multitude of tourist attractions. However, the question is: how to make it real and permanent?

The innovative solution

Nowadays, a great remedy for high competitiveness and a desire to be unique is installing the Our.Guide widget. When the widget is available at the hotel website, the potential hotel guests are able to check the tourist attractions located in the hotel’s neighbourhood. Moreover, the hotel guests may verify how far the given spot is located from the hotel, how to get there, when is it open and what the ticket price is.

At present, the widget is becoming more and more popular and it has become a “standard” in a hotel industry. Today, you may see the Our.Guide widget at more than 500 hotel websites where it is used by over 50,000 hotel guests monthly.

The Our.Guide’s owners have just changed their business model. At the moment, the Our.Guide widget is available for free. Moreover, the hotel owners who sell the services and tickets using Tours and Activities widget will receive 5% cash-back of those sales. In this way, the hotels may gain additional source of incomes and hotel guests do not have to look for interesting ways of spending their free time.

Our.Guide widget has been integrated with the most popular OTA services that operate Tours and Activities, such as GetYourGuide.com, Tigets or Viator. The company also plans to integrate with other popular services in the nearest future.

Tour and Activities Sale

Currently, the online sale of admission tickets to popular tourist attractions has been developing very dynamically recently. Moreover, the specialists from the tourism industry predict that in a few years the popularity of buying the entrance tickets to local attractions and activities via the Internet will be the same as online booking of hotels or airline tickets these days.

This trend is also confirmed by recent media reports that say the most popular tourist website TripAdvisor has just bought a Tours & Activities platform for $200 million. Moreover, the TripAdvisor has become an owner of several different similar companies, including: Vacation Home Rental – B2B platform, Oyster.com – website that includes loads of hotel reviews, La Fourchette – a website that allows to book a table in a restaurant and a few more.

Tour and Activities’ sales platforms are also gaining more and more bailouts to ensure faster development of this particular industry. A great example can be GetYourGuide.com start-up located in Berlin that has already received a $170 million bailout and a slightly younger Tiqets situated in Amsterdam, has already raised $45.5 million bailout for development, including the latest November investment.

How to start making money on Tour and Activities?

Our.Guide software has been created for hotel managers who do not have time to update offers on their website constantly, describe the tourist attractions in their area or generate dynamic links to partner platforms. Our.Guide is a simple service: you just need to set up an account, set the location of your accommodation, then generate the HTML code and place it only once at your website.

The widget works on every website, the producer also includes installation instructions dedicated to the most popular CMS systems such as WordPress, WIX or Joomla.

When the widget is installed on the website, the system will display a guide with the tourist attractions in your area, presenting for each of them the distance and estimated travel time from the hotel to the given attraction.

In the place where the given tourist attraction is described, there is a possibility to purchase an online ticket or an on-line trip to this place, the system will show it.

If the visitor (hotel guest) clicks on a link and purchases a ticket for the attraction, the hotel will automatically receive 5% cash-back of the transaction value.

The Our.Guide system is connected to many partner systems and you may be sure that only the best offers that can interest your guests will be presented.

It is worth adding the Our.Guide widget to your hotel website because every day is a chance to make money on your hotel guest’s transactions. Nevertheless, your hotel will also provide your guests a sophisticated tool for planning their free time.

About Our.guide:

Our.guide is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software – Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. The company understands the client’s fears that is why, you may test it without any consequences or charges for 14 days.


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