How To Make Your Hotel Instagram Worthy?

A woman posing by a hotel pool
How To Make Your Hotel Instagram Worthy?

The right aesthetics, a few creative focal points, some playful props and attentive service can get your property on the ladder to becoming an Insta-star. Here are some tips to this stardom. Get creative with accessories

If you want to make it into the frame, you need to have interiors that wow. The standard just doesn’t cut it. Now, we’re not saying redo your interiors; simply adding a few creative accessories can do the trick. You could use local art, or play with colours and textures through cushions, lamps and rugs to inject style into any dry place.

Make sure to make a statement with accessories at the social spaces such as the lobby or common areas of the hotel.

Make the regular extraordinary. Outdoor bath anyone?

Most people travel to escape the ordinary. Give them the extraordinary experience so they’re inclined to talk about you. Add an outdoor bath maybe? Or create a floral feature in your garden.

Lighting is everything

Good lighting brings a photo to life. Make sure your property is set up in a way that it makes the most of natural light – big windows and open outdoor areas are perfect. Careful use of artificial lighting can also do wonders.

Add in a wow factor. Why not theme some spaces?

If you want to be the talking point, give people something to talk about. Do you love music? Why not have a music themed room? Love Star Wars? Chances are others do too – bring it into your hotel. Or, put a sense of tropics with a suitable outdoor space theme.

Friends with nature

We love to travel, but we’re increasingly conscious of the environment. We escape our city pads to find tranquil amidst nature. Make sure your property respects this growing sentiment and makes nature easily accessible.

Bring in an element of fun or surprise into your service

Instagram gives you the ability to market awe-inspiring moments that your hotel can provide. Some of these are obvious (like your views) others can be hidden (like your spunky housekeeper). Give the hidden gems a push. Where possible create some, like a stunning drink or similar. Food and beverage is an easy area to get creative.

Don’t forget… If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Is your property located by the beach or somewhere in a rainforest? Do you have an infinity pool or a rooftop terrace that shows of the cityscape? If you’ve got a view or location that’s worth talking about, make sure you talk about it to your guests and nudge them to include it in their photos.

Get a hashtag

Make sure your brand has a hashtag. Keep it handy for guests to know – the room desk, in the lobby, at the reception and around your restaurant.

Invite your guests to create content

Prompt your guests into making you a part of your story. At the very minimum, at least give them your Instagram handle and hashtag.

Share your guests’ content

Thank users for including you in their posts, and where appropriate share their content on your platforms.

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