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Will Marriott Data Breach Herald the Death of Personalization?

This analysis could be titled in a number of ways, each with a lean towards what was disclosed by Marriott last week when it emerged some 500 million guest accounts had been hacked.

Because of the size of the breach and the underlying issues that may have caused it, many may point to the hotel sector’s drive towards personalization and trigger a major rethink.

Alternatively, stopping the next Marriott-like data breach may simply be a question of implementing many of protocols and strategies outlined below.

Or, perhaps, it’s more of a rallying cry for stronger legislation – at least in the U.S. – which will ensure that brands across the travel spectrum take security (more) seriously.

But first some background…

I recently attended The Phocuswright Conference, where some of travel tech’s mightiest flock to debate industry trends. Apart from a few companies that are leveraging machine learning to battle the “black hat” hackers, security was absent from the agenda.

It was not on a single marquis, nor was it the subject of a hot debate or an executive interview. Let’s face it, as far as tagline topics go… “security” may be one of the least exciting topics at a conference covering the market’s leading innovation.

In short: despite the growing number and scale of security breaches, hospitality companies are still slow to invest in security.

But why?! 

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