State of the Market 2019 Just Published Featuring Emirates, TripAdvisor and Expedia

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State of the Market 2019 just Published featuring Emirates, TripAdvisor and Expedia

Disruptive technologies and advanced analytics are a huge influencer when it comes to bottom lines, customer loyalty and market share for 2019. The travel industry is reaching a sink or swim point with the acceleration of predictive analytics and the nascent levels of machine learning now available. It’s adapt and thrive or ignore and fall behind.

With these market forces at work, EyeforTravel have been busy developing a State of the Market package. This has been based on weeks of research with over 800 C-level travel executives from Emirates, TripAdvisor, KLM, Accor, Expedia, IcelandAir and more. The pack includes a detailed infographic as well as a webinar with in-depth insight from Wyndham and TUI on how to conquer hyper-personalization and turn untapped profits.

You can have the full State of the Market pack in your hands here

Key takeaways from the State of the Market pack:

  • What the best travel players’ top challenges are and what they are doing to tackle them
  • What 69% of the industry said would distinguish winners form losers in 2019
  • The level of customer granularity you need to hyper-personalize and drive market share
  • Visualization of what the top priorities, threats and opportunities your company should be aware of to boost growth

Get the full State of the Market pack here

Infographic - State of the Market 2019 - EyeForTravel

The pack provides results from across the entire hotelier, airline, tour operator, OTA, cruise and ground transportation industry so whatever your sector, the pack will provide critical insight on where your priorities should like in data/analytics and technological innovation.

This newly published pack also provides an in-depth dichotomy on the ratio of internal to external challenges affecting the 2019 travel market, from digital transformation to growing ancillary revenue.

Get the full State of the Market pack here

In these volatile and exciting times of tech and data innovation, it’s easy to get left behind without proper benchmarking, stay tuned for future EyeforTravel research in the run up to Analytics and AI in Travel North America, where the fastest growing travel brands meet Silicon Valley.

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