65% of Travel Executives Cite AI to Revolutionize the Industry

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65% of Travel Executives Cite AI to Revolutionize the Industry

In EyeforTravel’s industry-wide AI survey, over half of all travel executives disclosed that they were investing in AI and machine learning. AI and deep learning was also found to be the number one set of tools set to be most transformative for everyday business.

The industry now appears to accept that artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and advanced digital marketing and pricing are the only means to win back lost loyalty, optimize revenue and grow market share.

EyeforTravel spoke to over 250 travel executives to create the Analytics & AI in Travel Survey, which, in an infographic format, discloses investment patterns, insight on job security, concrete results on how AI is already benefiting travel and the sources of data you need to be using to drive growth.

Compiled with feedback from Heads of Pricing and Marketing Analytics, Chief Data Officers and Machine Learning Engineers, these exclusive survey results will allow you to benchmark your AI and analytics investments and initiatives with the rest of the industry and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Although an overwhelming 65% of respondents agreed that AI will “revolutionize travel”, the real question is which departments seek to gain the most and how will your bottom line be affected?  

Take a look at the survey here for the full results

The results will give you answers on these critical matters:

-       Which travel department has the most to gain from analytics

-       If deep learning and machine learning investments are set to increase in 2019

-       The analytics tools that are going to be most transformative for your business

-       If AI will disrupt your role for the better or worse

Access the full results by clicking here

These are part of the run-up to Analytics and AI in Travel North America (San Francisco, March 14th-15th) where 350 brands leading the way in machine learning and analytics will be present. Hilton, Hopper and Google AI  are confirmed – get in touch with the event director below to join them.

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