Hotel SEO For Beginners

Two STAAH execuitves presenting the Hotel SEO For Beginners guide
Hotel SEO For Beginners guide

More than half of your website’s traffic depends on organic results from search engines. If you’re serious about improving online profitability, you should be serious about SEO.

In this Hotel SEO For Beginners guide, we demystify Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s a starting point that will get you savvy on a few SEO fundamentals and equip you with suggested tools and strategy tips to get underway with your property’s SEO.

Why you should read it?

  • As a major traffic source – and probably the most efficient one – it is important to optimise.
  • SEO is often brushed under the carpet as it seems difficult. It is not, and this guide shows you how.
  • If you have an agency or expert to manage your SEO, this guide will give you a better understanding of the subject so you can work with them more effectively.

What’s inside the Hotel SEO For Beginners guide?

  • What is SEO? How it works?
  • Start with an audit
  • How to do keyword research
  • Essential elements of optimised content
  • Beyond your website: Link building and content promotion
  • Local SEO vs. international SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Basics of mobile SEO
  • Is it working? Measuring SEO success
  • SEO resources we love

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