Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka to Open in May

Guestroom at the Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka
Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka to Open in May

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd. announced the opening of Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka on May 15, 2019. It will serve as an annex of Hotel Hanshin Osaka, three minutes’ walking distance from Fukushima Station of the JR Osaka Loop Line and Hanshin Railway. The Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka will be an accommodation-focused hotel, setting as its main target tourists from East Asia, including South Korea and China.

The annex of Hotel Hanshin Osaka stands in Osaka-Fukushima, an area just like an annex of Osaka itself. Traditional Japanese colors, patterns and materials are used everywhere in the building and guest rooms to express modern Japanese designs.

The logo symbolizes a comfortable hotel using two Hs for Hotel Hanshin in the patterns of lattice doors used in traditional Japanese housing. The base color is indigo blue, one of the country’s traditional colors.

The hotel is located only one station away from the Umeda transport hub, which boasts excellent access to popular tourist spots. Osaka-Fukushima is in the center of Osaka, and at the same time, features local and quaint streetscapes and cultures. This is quite different from other tourist spots.

Approximately 70% of the 254 guest rooms are compact rooms with an area of 15m2. With suitcase storage under the beds and other creative ideas, we have created spacious rooms to offer a comfortable stay to our guests. In the lobby on 2F is a coin-operated laundry and ironing room. Guests can enjoy a new travel experience in Osaka by using our hotel as a base.

Hotel Hanshin Annex Osaka
Location:   5 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka

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Fukushima Station of the JR Osaka Loop Line and Hanshin Railway. (3 minute walk)

[Reservations & inquiries] Phone: +81-6-6344-1662 (main number), available from 9:00 to 17:00