April Consumer Confidence Signals Return to Economic Expansion from a Short-Lived Slowdown

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April Consumer Confidence Signals Return to Economic Expansion from a Short-Lived Slowdown

e-forecasting.com™ earliest and final for the month of April 2019 U.S. consumer confidence rose in April, following today's update of its predictive analytics database, derived from the largest in scope and size national consumer survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics™.

According to the highlights of the forward-looking predictive analytics published today in the April issue of the U.S. Consumer Confidence Digest, the popular confidence measure, which is indexed to equal 100 when growth is nil, increased 0.3 percent points in April to a reading of 109.4, after rising (+0.1 percent points) in March.

“The early bird's news about the level of confidence on the economy expected by consumers lead to the prediction that the United States' business-cycle will be in its expansion phase six months from now from a short-lived slowdown,” said Evangelos Otto Simos, professor at the University of New Hampshire and editor of the Digest.

Adjusting the consumer confidence index to the economy's long-term trend, its co-movement with US monthly-GDP™ results in predictive intelligence for classic business cycle analysis, which is used officially to define the booms (expansions) and busts (recessions) for the economy. The trend-adjusted measure of consumer confidence increased 6.6% in April to a reading of 119.1, following an increase of (+4%) in March.

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