Google Trips Could Disrupt Travel Business – Search Engine Journal

Google announced they are bringing the ability to plan a trip to the desktop. Google also announced a tighter integration between Google Search, Maps and Google Trips, with new features coming soon.

Google Trips May be a Revolutionary Change

Google Trips on the desktop receives data from your searches on Google Search as well as Google Maps. It integrates travel planning from beginning to end, from the desktop to your mobile phone.

It’s very useful and because of that it could disrupt the online travel sector by becoming a default dashboard for travel. It’s not really copying anything out there, it’s a unique service that integrates your search activity into the travel planning activity.

Google Trips is Found on /Travel

The service is called Google Trips. But it is located at URL that emphasizes Travel: That’s a little dissonant, as if the right hand wanted to rank for the phrase Travel, but the left hand wanted to brand it as Trips.

What really happened is that is already being used by Google for their Trips mobile app.

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