Report: Hyatt, Hilton & Viceroy Dominate Direct Bookings

The hotel industry’s push for direct bookings is not a trend, it’s a fait accompli.

With OTA commissions as high as 30%, you have no choice but to battle to offset the imbalance and drive consumers to your website.

To assist you in making your customer fully aware of the benefits of direct, EyeforTravel has developed a 32-page report on The State of Hospitality Distribution: Direct Bookings, featuring in-depth insight from Hilton, Hyatt, Viceroy Hotels, Fornova, Luma Hotel Times Square and Jamaica Inn.

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The report is packed with stats from hundreds of suppliers and best-practice insight including:

  • SEO & SEM tactics that coax the direct booking, including your move to a responsive website, rich content vs. page load balance and tracking user purpose.
  • An integrated social media strategy that builds engagement and makes your customer appreciate your brand for being unique.
  • How your customer perceives loyalty programs, overall cost per member and a case study from Hilton Honors on the secrets behind its 20% program membership growth!

Get the report here

This report will get you a step closer in getting the direct balance right to drive higher customer acquisition, margins and competitive advantage.