Abu Dhabi Hotels Report 25.2 Percent RevPAR Increase for June 2019

Sunset in Abu Dhabi - Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash
Abu Dhabi Hotels Report 25.2 percent RevPAR for June 2019

According to preliminary June data from STR, Abu Dhabi hotel occupancy rose 16.8% to 62.9%, ADR increased 7.2% to 339.31 Emirati dirhams ($92.39) and RevPAR jumped 25.2% to 213.43 dirhams ($58.12).

STR’s preliminary June 2019 data for Abu Dhabi, United Emirates, indicates high performance due to double-digit demand growth.

Based on daily data from June, Abu Dhabi reported the following in year-over-year comparisons:

• Supply: +5.4%
• Demand: +23.0%
• Occupancy: +16.8% to 62.9%
• Average daily rate (ADR): +7.2% to AED339.31
• Revenue per available room (RevPAR): +25.2% to AED213.43

The absolute occupancy level in Abu Dhabi is the highest for a June since 2014. STR analysts note that following the end of Ramadan on 4 June, performance levels rose significantly with 6 June seeing the highest year-over-year percentage changes in the three key performance metrics: occupancy (+102.3%), ADR (+60.5%) and RevPAR (+224.7%).

STR will release full June results later this month.

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