The Next Big Thing In Hospitality: Turning Retired Motels Into Adventure-Ready Basecamps – Forbes

Unnamed LOGE Camps property
Turning Retired Motels Into Adventure-Ready Basecamps

Think about some of your favorite surf spots or trails in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Colorado.

How would you like to be a 20-minute drive away from Mt. Bachelor? Or settled in on a secret surf spot on the Washington coast? How about being 15 minutes away from Colorado’s Copper Mountain? Well, that’s exactly the idea behind LOGE Camps, the boutique hotel chain that’s transforming run-down motels into adventure-ready basecamps.

Because it used to be that you might sacrifice where you stay and forgive the less-than-adequate motel or campsite basecamp because it was all secondary to the adventure. But not anymore. Because for LOGE Camps founders Johannes Ariens and Cale Genenbacher, that wasn’t good enough.

After initially raising $30,000 during a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the brand opened their first LOGE outpost in Westport, Washington in 2017. The idea is that they find these near forgotten motels that are adjacent to some of your favorite towns and trails and bring them back to life. It’s that simple.

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