Baskin-Robbins Unveils Several Enchanting 'Shrek 2' Ice Cream Creations

The fairytale continues as ice cream treats make a storybook comeback at Baskin-Robbins for their promotional partnership with DreamWorks Pictures' much-anticipated fairytale comedy, “Shrek 2.” Baskin-Robbins is a returning partner from the original “Shrek” movie, which ended “happily ever after” through a flavorful union of tasty concoctions. In celebration of the new partnership, Baskin-Robbins will bring back its popular “Shrek's Swirl Sherbet” as well as a variety of new tasty treats.

“Shrek charms and brings smiles to both adults and children alike,” said Ken Kimmel, brand officer, Baskin-Robbins. “We are delighted to team up with DreamWorks once again for the release of 'Shrek 2' as it offers the perfect encore to a fairytale success.”

From innovative “Shrek 2” themed ice cream flavors to magical sundaes, Baskin-Robbins will introduce a fairytale cast of treats in stores until June 20th:

* “Shrek's Swirl Sherbet” — Get “Shrek'd” out with this green-colored
grape sherbet and purple-colored green apple sherbet loaded with
popping candies.
* “Fiona's Fairytale” Ice Cream — Offering a fairytale fantasy in every
bite, this new flavor features pink and purple swirled cotton candy
flavored ice cream.
* “Puss In Boots” Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream — Filled with all the
finesse of this new “Shrek 2” character himself, this new flavor is a
delicious concoction of white chocolate mousse, milk chocolate and
chocolate ice creams loaded with chocolate chips and chocolate-covered
* Shrek's Hot Sludge Sundae — Don't judge this worm-topped sundae based
on looks alone! This scrumptious sundae features one scoop of Oreo(R)
Cookies n' Cream ice cream, hot fudge topping, crushed chocolate
cookies, real whipped cream and is topped with Shrek's favorite —
gummy worms.
* Donkey Gone Bananas Sundae — This palette-pleasing sundae features
two scoops of “Puss In Boots” Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream, banana
donkey ears, caramel praline topping, real whipped cream and chocolate
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