Travel Show Marketing Group Partners with the Travel Industry Marketing Association to Provide Help for The Travel Industry

The Elevate Webinar Series Incorporates Strategic Timing with Education and Marketing Tools

Travel Show Marketing Group (TravelSMG) and the Travel Industry Marketing Association (TIMA) have partnered to create the Elevate Webinar Series, a collective offering of educational webinars for the travel trade.  The series will provide immediate and ongoing education on destinations from across the globe, specialized travel, insider sales tips and more.  The series, which will showcase upwards of 20 webinars monthly, will also provide travel sellers with a cache of tools to support their ongoing sales efforts.

In addition to a standard 60-minute broadcast, participants will have access to TIMA created social media post packs, newsletter templates, and distribution of all brand media in the Rich Media Exchange (sister company to TIMA).  This 360-degree approach provides suppliers an interactive communication platform to promote, educate and expand their network all while equipping travel sellers with critical sales tools.

“The Elevate Webinar Series is a terrific addition to TravelSMG’s growing portfolio of live events. In supporting the professional development of travel sellers, it is equally important to bridge the gap between our travel agent partners and the global supplier community.  While 2020 has been a challenging year to provide these opportunities in live format, these webinars will offer continuity for travel agents and suppliers to stay connected, offer regular access to destination/product information along with extensive marketing materials.”, said Jim Cloonan, President of TravelSMG.

“We have been focusing on the best way to help the industry rebuild itself and grow as quickly as possible and we believe the partnership with companies and travel agents is key”, said Kulin Strimbu, CEO of TIMA. “We are providing a platform for brands and destinations to educate agents, at the exact time they should be selling that product, and then we create the marketing materials and social media posts for them to use right away”. 

The Elevate Webinar Series will start July 1, 2020 and is anticipated to continue through June 2021. Invitations for suppliers, destinations, and travel bloggers begins today, with travel agent registrations opening on June 15, 2020.  Visit to review available dates and pre-register.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to Kulin Strimbu, she can be reached at

About Travel Show Marketing Group

Travel Show Marketing Group (TravelSMG) is an independent event organizer catering exclusively to the B2B travel agency channel with the focus of connecting North American travel sellers with travel suppliers from around the globe.  TravelSMG offers a growing portfolio of highly effective events, including live tradeshows, educational conferences and boutique niche-focused programs.  Our company collaborates with industry experts, organizations and resources for the professional growth of the leisure travel trade community.

Suppliers interested in exhibiting at any TravelSMG event should contact Jennifer Fernandez, SVP Events at or via telephone at (718) 979-1952.

Travel advisors interested in attending any TravelSMG event should email Lisa Marshall, Travel Advisor Relations Manager at  

About Travel Industry Marketing Association

Travel Industry Marketing Association is a business development and marketing agency for small-to-medium sized travel sellers, and a marketing technology and service provider for large organizations and membership groups.  The Travel Industry Marketing Association is the first travel industry organization dedicated to and driven to help brands and sellers build their businesses and work more effectively together. TIMA’s mission is to provide the education, tools, and support travel professionals need to promote and grow their brands.

Suppliers interested in working with TIMA on this or other business initiatives should contact Kulin Strimbu at or via phone at 772-577-7751.

Travel advisors interested in learning more about how TIMA can help them better market and promote their business should visit contact or call 772-577-7751 for more information.