Ongoing Progress in Asia, As China and Taiwan Leave the Lockdown Status Even Further Behind – By Laura Badiu

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Ongoing Progress in Asia, as China and Taiwan Leave the Lockdown Status Even Further Behind

Ever since the crisis hit and the travel and hospitality sectors were forced to take a huge step back, we have made it our mission to keep a close eye on the ongoing changes in different regions and countries, in order to witness their trajectory and, hopefully, their recovery. The positive trend in the number of travels and hotel occupancy has been easily spotted through our Travel Health Index (THI). TrustYou’s unique KPI compares current guest review volumes with the normal levels of 2019, as well as the week-over-week fluctuations.

A couple of months ago, it became clear that Asia, the first region to take the hit, will also be the first one to begin the recovery process. We covered the uptake in guest reviews that Asian countries have registered in the past weeks and the first good news surfaced when countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Vietnam managed to shake off the lockdown status, as calculated by the THI. Now, our THI shows even further signs of progress, as even the Severe status on the THI scale has recently been overcome by China and Taiwan. 

To get a better understanding of how the THI works, this is the calculation that applies to each country’s score: the number of published hotel reviews in the last week divided by the number of published hotel reviews in the same timeframe last year. 

That being said, it’s encouraging to see that, in the week ending June 21st, China registered a score of 48 and has moved up to the Impaired state. This is a clear sign that travel is picking up in China and travelers are starting to leave more and more guest reviews every week. Even greater news is that Taiwan has a THI score of 65, making it the first country to reach the Declined state – which is so close to Steady!

Interestingly, the week-over-week trend shows that, while being on a positive trajectory in terms of recovery, both China and Taiwan have registered a slight decrease in the number of guest reviews, as compared to the previous week. This might be simply a normal fluctuation that is not unnatural even in a non-crisis scene, however, it can also be a sign of renewed decline, as many countries from all around the world have recently started to register a new wave of COVID-19 cases. Things are changing at a rapid pace now and the only way to know where each country is headed and is to keep a close eye on their weekly progress.

Make sure to check the Travel Health Index for ongoing, weekly updates that are calculated both on a global and a regional level. Let’s see what happens next and keep our fingers crossed for further signs of recovery!

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Laura Badiu

Laura is a passionate bookworm and a gifted writer. Since joining TrustYou’s marketing team, she has embraced topics in the travel and hospitality sector with enthusiasm. Using her degree in Journalism, Laura creatively weaves words into insightful stories with a focus on reputation management.

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