EZee Announces Its Next BIG Launch – A Website Builder Software

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EZee Announces Its Next BIG Launch – A Website Builder Software

The website builder solution explicitly designed for hotels and restaurants will entitle users to design and manage their website in just minutes.

A leading name in the hospitality industry, eZee Technosys have announced the launch of eZee Panorama – a comprehensive website builder for hotels and restaurants.

Favouring customer-centric solutions ever since their inception, the company has constantly pursued and strived to offer the best of its solutions through their cutting-edge technology.

In an era where a website poses as the face of any business, eZee have taken this responsibility to help the hotels and restaurants create their own brand and voice through a distinct website of their own. Previously, the company also used to provide website design services to their customers, but only upon request.

The competitive market has forced all kinds of businesses to think outside the box and take steps towards better brand awareness and positioning. eZee have recognized this need for the hospitality industry by surveying thousands of hoteliers and F&B business owners, and once again, proved their mettle by offering a non-pareil solution.

On this, eZee’s Co-founder Hitesh Patel is delighted to share, “Until now, we have focused on streamlining operations and how we can assist businesses to help them grow through the latest technology and useful resources. But now, I believe it is time to bring brand value on the table. Since we were already creating websites on request, we knew that this is going to be a non-negotiable aspect of a hospitality business soon. In fact, I’d say, our customers were the inspiration behind eZee Panorama. They drove us to think beyond and stage this website builder. And I am sure, as all our solutions have done to date, this new launch will gain great appreciation from the industry.”

Since a website provides a 360° view of any organization, eZee’s website builder is named as eZee Panorama. Their wide offerings like the freedom to select any templates and themes, drag and drop options, round the clock availability of designers, all at an affordable cost; makes eZee Panorama a perfect website builder for hotels and restaurants. Additionally, below are some of the features worth highlighting:

  1. Multi-language support
  2. Free hosting and SSL
  3. Attractive widgets
  4. High-quality SEO
  5. Mobile friendly

The websites created by eZee Panorama will also be further integrated with a booking engine as well as an online ordering system; thus increasing hotels’ and restaurants’ businesses and generating more bookings and orders with time.

Catering to all sizes and types of properties – independent ones to chains, the website builder will come with a dedicated website designer, along with a DIY option to make edits. Hotels and restaurants will get their brand website created in just minutes with eZee’s new solution.

eZee is one of only a handful of companies that put forward a complete package of hotel and restaurant management solutions. They have extensive offerings like hotel software, channel manager, booking engine, restaurant POS system which are designed to fit all property types.

Over the years, eZee have focused on staying a step ahead and serving the industry through their best-rated solutions. The launch of eZee Panorama, a powerful website builder solution, will impart the company a pivotal lift towards providing end-to-end technology solutions in this ever-changing market.

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About eZee Technosys

Founded in 2006, eZee is one of the very few hospitality technology providers in the world to develop and offer end-to-end hotel and restaurant solutions. eZee also has its regional branch in Malaysia for many years, leading to its established presence in the APAC region. Recently acquired by Yanolja – the travel tech unicorn of South Korea which is endorsed by Booking Holdings (Booking.com, Agoda, Kayak) and Singaporean fund GIC Pte; eZee has a stronghold on R&D and is introducing innovations in its solutions to benefit the industry. Today, eZee is the #1 hotel tech provider in India, which is further solidified by 200+ partners and 18,000+ clients in 160+ countries across the globe. For more details, visit our corporate website today.