COVID-19 Webinar Summary: 5 Key Points on Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary Hotel Performance, 28 July – STR

Knowing you might not have time to watch our full webinars, STR is pleased to continue our series of COVID-19 webinar summaries. In this latest edition, we talk performance in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Eastern Europe road to recovery

After starting the year occupancy between 40-90%, markets in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary reported steep declines between March and May with levels falling to roughly 10%. However, occupancy levels increased slightly during June and the beginning of July, especially in Tricity, Latvia and Slovenia.

Capital cities range from 10%-54% occupancy

For the week ending 19 July, occupancy of open hotels in Eastern European capitals ranged from 10%-54%. Among those capitals, Riga posted the highest occupancy level (54%), followed by Tallinn (39%) and Bratislava (32%).

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