The High-tech, Low-touch Breakfast Solution the Hospitality Industry Needs

POPCAKE pancake machine - Source POPCAKE
The High-tech, Low-touch Breakfast Solution the Hospitality Industry Needs

As leaders in the hospitality industry continue to adapt to COVID-19 guidance, one company says it has the solution to food service needs.

The Popcake Automatic Pancake Machine, introduced to the commercial market in 2008, was originally created as a low-touch alternative to slower, multi-touch, hot breakfast buffet options like the traditional cast iron waffle makers. With a single touch of a button, the machine delivers fresh, piping hot pancakes directly onto a plate or onto a warmer turntable attachment.

“We wanted to create something simple, efficient, and delicious,” said David Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Popcake Foodservice Products Ltd. “Over a decade ago, we never could have imagined a COVID-19 scenario. Our customers in the hospitality industry are grappling with many changes and challenges but providing guests with a safe and fresh breakfast option does not have to be one of them.”

Popcake’s fully enclosed cooking process, single-touch operation, and warmer turntable completely eliminate the need for conventional, multi-touch preparation, cooking, and serving. The machine can be used for self-serve, grab-and-go, or to pre-prepare a hot breakfast offering for guests.

Paul McLoughlin, Culinary Director of Langham Hotels & Resorts Group says Popcake has been instrumental in maintaining their guest experience.

“We’ve been using Popcake machines at our properties over the last 10 years. Being a one-touch solution, the machine is a big advantage in this new normal we’re all in,” said McLoughlin. “It’s an easy, cost-effective and high-quality solution for our breakfast offering. We’ve always found it to be a big hit not only with the guests but also with the staff as it’s so simple to use.”

Anyone can operate the machine, so minimal manpower is needed to continue to offer hot breakfast in a safe and expedited manner. Additionally, with the lowest cost per portion of all comparable hot, freshly cooked breakfast alternatives, Popcake is a cost-conscious solution.

When asked if a completely contactless experience is possible, Walsh said to “stay tuned.”


The POPCAKE® machine is the world’s first fully-automatic counter-top pancake making machine. For more than a decade, guests around the world have happily enjoyed fresh, hot, delicious pancakes courtesy of POPCAKE®. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Popcake Foodservice Products Ltd is the exclusive worldwide supplier of the POPCAKE® system. Currently serving customers in Hong Kong, Australia, United States, United Kingdom. For more information, visit