Executive Suites Squamish Implements RoomKeyPMS’s Inhouse Mobile Check-In to Create A Contactless Experience

Executive Suites Hotel & Resorts Squamish adopted RoomKeyPMS mobile check-in to address the growing need for a contactless experience.

“With our hotel focused on ‘Special Super Disinfection’ protocols for our customers it was critical to ensure our digital strategy matched our in-house sterilization.  We looked to RoomKeyPMS to provide a contactless check-in solution and they did. RoomKeyPMS mobile check-in works great as it’s built directly into the software to ensure a fast exchange of data between the guest and the hotel during pre-arrival while also providing the easy-to-use visual indictors to effectively manage this experience with the guest. So far our guests like it and it’s saving us time with a reduced team size. “ said Anthony Lamb, Regional General Manager Executive Hotels Squamish & Whistler.

Highlights of RoomKeyPMS’s Mobile Check-In include the ability for hotels to:

  • Collect updated guest information pre-arrival, estimated time of arrival and pre-stay comments
  • Collect digital signatures during a guest’s mobile contactless check-in
  • Securely capture and store date, time and IP address combined with a guest’s digital signature for record keeping
  • Electronically submit registration card PDFs to regulators for easy charge-back disputes
  • Safely store PDFs digitally for easy retrieval
  • Export PDFs individually or in bulk for paper duplication and operations
  • Automatically email the guest the check-in information prior to arrival

“Anthony and his team have been great partners in executing a mobile contactless experience for their guests. As each month passes in the new normal it’s clear that a remote check-in and check-out strategy is here to stay and we will continue to aggressively build features in RoomKeyPMS to meet this need.” said Tim Major, RoomKeyPMS Executive Vice President and General Manager. 

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