Vizergy Unveils Its Vision for the Future at Phocuswright Conference Online 2020

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Vizergy Unveils Its Vision for the Future at Phocuswright Conference Online 2020

Top-ranking marketing company selected to present its groundbreaking innovation for the hospitality industry.

Vizergy® Digital Marketing will present its market-changing innovation—the Enterprise Digital Experience Platform (Enterprise DXP)—on Thursday, Nov. 12 at Innovation: Launch at the Phocuswright Conference Online 2020. 

A private label of the Vizergy Marketing System (VMS), Enterprise DXP allows hotel brands, management companies, vacation rental companies, restaurant chains and other hospitality marketing vendors the advantage of licensing the marketing platform to generate revenue. This client-centered decision presents the opportunity for a far-reaching impact as it provides hotel brands with immense benefits. Licensing a custom Marketing System allows your teams to focus on selling strategies, not building, supporting and integrating technology. 

“Since the system is completely private-labeled and customized to the needs of the brand, intrinsic value is created between our client and the client’s customers,” said Joe Hyman, Vizergy CEO. “We’re providing a single holistic view of marketing plans, data roll-up, and control of the content and functionality for 100’s of websites creating incredible transparency into performance, efficiently managing one system with the best digital technology available.” 

In its research, Vizergy found labor savings, efficiency, and eCommerce to be more critical now than ever for its clients, concluding that customer acquisition and sales would provide the path to recovery. “Clients can create incredible efficiencies by managing one system for all websites, and by having a single platform, they can easily evolve as technology evolves,” Hyman added. 

Despite the global pandemic, the company continues to advance this year with ongoing software enhancements, investment in tools to empower client’s recovery and cutting-edge innovation, proving unwavering commitment to clients. As leaders in hospitality marketing, Vizergy ever-adapts to market pressures and remains true to its vision to provide the best marketing technologies with Enterprise DXP shaping the industry’s future. 

The Phocuswright Conference Online 2020 takes place Nov. 11–12 and 17–19. Visit the conference website to register for attendance:

About Vizergy® Digital Marketing 

For more than 20 years, Vizergy has served the hospitality industry with leading marketing technologies, knowledgeable talent and exceptional service for clients worldwide. The company deploys complete travel life-cycle marketing solutions from conversion-optimized website design to award-winning digital marketing programs, reservation solutions, media planning and execution. Vizergy’s platform is touted as the #1 digital marketing system – easy to use, turnkey and SMART, and continually enhanced with tools to help hotels compete and maximize revenue. At Vizergy, hospitality marketing is not only our mission, it’s our sole focus. For more information, please visit  

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