Demystifying Payments – Webinar by Cloudbeds

Demystifying Payments - Webinar by Cloudbeds - Poster
Demystifying Payments – Webinar by Cloudbeds

Payment Processing can be complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Join us as we talk to hoteliers and experts about simplifying payments and discuss the trends you need to look out for in 2021. Make sure you're providing a frictionless payment experience for both your staff and your guests. 2020 has shaken up the way we do everything and payments are no exception.

Meet the experts:

  • Chris Fendley, Executive Vice President, Mastercard
  • Rafael Blanes, VP, Sales, Cloudbeds
  • Sebastien Leitner, VP, Partnerships, Cloudbeds
  • Rayna Coleman, Payments Risk & Compliance Manager, Cloudbeds

Meet the hoteliers:

  • Lee Strickland, Cohort Hostel
  • Skye Reid, Arrowhead Mountain Lodge
  • Rebecca Jones, Pine Creek Escape
  • John and Adrianna Poulmentis, Ocean View Terrace

Is your property prepared?

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Wednesday, January 20th at 11 am EST