RoomKeyPMS Releases Mobile Check-Out

Screenshot RoomKeyPMS mobile Mobile Check-Out
RoomKeyPMS Releases Mobile Check-Out

RoomKeyPMS announces the release of enhancements to its mobile guest experience with the incorporation of mobile check-out.

Included in RoomKeyPMS Mobile features we have released the ability to:

  • Provide guests with an automated branded check-out email on departure date
  • Ensure guests can utilize their credit card on file
  • Collect paperless signature from the guest to confirm final billing
  • Ensure update and verification of the email address to allow for accurate CRM and guest marketing information

These enhancements build on the already existing features released in RoomKeyPMS’s Mobile. The features re-enforce the needs we are hearing from our hoteliers to:

  • Increase automation to offset lower staffing levels
  • Provide new and efficient check-in and check-out methods requested by guests
  • Quickly adopt and deploy integrated mobile PMS features in a cost effective manner
  • Ensure seamless technology that does not lag or break due to data issues related to 3rd party integrations

“By adding mobile check-out directly into RoomKeyPMS allows guests to easily complete both arrival and departure transactions using their mobile device.” said Tim Major, RoomKeyPMS Executive Vice President and General Manager.  “Our goal is to keep it simple for guests by allowing them to use the technology they know and prefer while also making the information securely collected from guests accessible by hotel staff.”  

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