As Governments Diverge on Health Passports, Consumers Accept Them – PhocusWire

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As Governments Diverge on Health Passports, Consumers Accept Them

As governments wrangle with the privacy implications of introducing digital health passports, travelers believe they could help bring back travel safely.

A study from Amadeus reveals 91% say they would be comfortable using a digital health passport going forward.

The Rebuild Travel Digital Health survey also quizzed participants on storing health details electronically with 72% saying they would be willing if it speeded up processing at the airport and 74% if it meant they could travel to more destinations.

Almost 70% of travelers say they would also be more likely to share health data if carriers they travel with most frequently offered a way to store their travel health data.

However, this goes against the desire from airlines to move away from storing customer data and for governments to have a direct relationship with consumers when it comes to travel.

While travelers are willing to share data they still have concerns about the related risks with 38% expressing concerns about personal information being hacked and 35% saying they were concerned about the privacy of health information shared.

In addition, 30% cite concerns over a lack of transparency and control over where the data is shared.

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