Travelport Unifies Services in New Travelport+ Platform, Replacing Three Legacy Brands – PhocusWire

It’s been more than two years in the making – and something Travelport CEO Greg Webb has talked about repeatedly since joining the company in August 2019 – and today Travelport is officially launching a new platform, Travelport+, as a single environment to replace its three legacy systems, Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan.

As distribution and retailing have evolved and improved over the years, Webb says it has become inefficient and inadequate to retrofit old systems to serve the travel industry’s needs.

“The systems of the past were all built around the original requirements … that were created for airlines specifically. And certainly travel retailing has gone beyond airlines at this point, yet some of the underlying data structures are really still tied in what was called the PNR – passenger name record,” Webb says.

“Our goal is to be the best multi-source content aggregator in the world. Part of doing that is changing the way that we think about that underlying data structure.”

A key part of the new platform, says Webb, is a “trip container” that will house the travel trip record in an open system enabling more efficient management of the individual components of the journey. The system includes a broad range of air, car, hotel and rail content, with simplified connections “regardless of the source, the seller and how it’s consumed.”

“So we can handle the blossoming retail structure of travel … making that simple even though it’s complex on the back end,” he says.

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